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Participant quotes

"I really think before I speak now. I wish I would have had the class earlier in my divorce."

"I think this was really a great and practical class. I was dreading it because I thought I'd be overwhelmed with guilt. I appreciated the hope that was portrayed in the presentation and positive attitude that was presented with important ideas."

"Be careful about the messages you send your kids about the ex-spouse, money, etc. Kids should not have to deal with our problems."

"How to keep our children out of the middle and learning their developmental stages (in relation to) the effects of the divorce."

"I had reaffirmation that my ex-husband and I are doing the right things for our son. I learned some things regarding effects this has on a child at his age."

"It's changed me! It's taken the focus more off of me and put it on "Where do my kids fall into play here?"

District Court Judge quotes: 

"This course helps parents gain an understanding of the significant and long-term problems that they can cause for their children by involving them in the hostility of a contentious divorce." 

"I think this would be a good resource for all domestic lawyers." 

"In my experience, Parents Forever™ is a vital component to any divorce involving children. The program benefits the entire family unit and I'm grateful to have this resource available in McKenzie County."