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Why Do Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning brings a sense of focus to any organization.

New Board Members

Where do you begin?

Effective Boards Engage Passionate Volunteers

The need for individuals to serve on boards is great. About 8,480 governmental units and nonprofit organizations need leaders, meaning one in 23 people needs to step up.

Understanding Transitions in the Change Process

How do you feel when you make a job change and you have a lot of new procedures and processes to learn? Do you feel frustrated because you aren’t as good as you want to be? Do you feel anxious that you are doing everything right?

Understanding Change Theory

What’s the one constant in our lives? If you said change, you are right!
Business Leadership and Resources Publications
People need to feel valued. A workplace that values diversity and manages change with respectful conversations will have less negativity to address.
This publication is a guide for new or existing boards to help improve their work and recruitment of new members.
This publication will help understand and provide methods to address conflict.
Working with your advisory council and other boards should be one of the most rewarding experiences in your Extension career. At times, it also can be the most challenging. This training manual, Working Effectively With Advisory Councils…
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