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Ordering Seeds


The Pledge

This project is a research program, not a seed store. Gardeners must agree to manage their trials in a responsible manner and report their results to NDSU. For our part, we have made the trials simple and fun! Please agree to this pledge:

I promise to manage my trials in a responsible manner. I will grow the seeds of both varieties, evaluate the varieties, and submit my results promptly. 

If you agree, continue on.

Seed Catalog


There is a fee of $1.50 per trial. Each trial consists of two varieties. There is a shipping fee of $5.50 ($13.00 for Canada).

Shipping fees will be waived if seeds are picked up at the Gateway Extension office (2718 Gateway Avenue, Suite 304 in Bismarck). For those who order online, the shipping fees are automatically charged to your order, but we will refund the expense to you when you pick up the seeds. 

Online Ordering

We need you to complete your order properly, and pledge you will submit the results of your trials.

We will acknowledge the receipt of your order within two business days. We will ship your order as soon as possible. 

Mail Us Your Order

It is important you complete the order form properly.

  • Please remember that the fee for each trial is $1.50.
  • There is a limit of seven trials per household. 
  • Please mark any trials you will accept as a substitute in case your preferred selections are no longer available. 
  • We will ship your order as soon as possible.