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Food Pantry Gardens

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Caged tomato vine with ripe and unripe fruit

The Master Gardener Program has distributed seed donated primarily by Fargo Public Library and Friends of Fargo Public Library to 18 NDSU Extension county offices. Master Gardeners, 4-H youth, and avid gardeners in those counties will sow seed, primarily in home gardens, care for the plants, and harvest the fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers for donation to local food pantries. Food safety protocols will be followed to ensure safe harvesting and handling of produce.

Donation Locations


Donating to Local Food Banks

Master Gardeners and MG Interns can donate their fresh garden produce to local food pantries to help support the Hunger Free ND Garden Project.

Master Gardeners will earn 1 volunteer hour for every 5 pounds of produce they donate to a food pantry. In addition, you can count the amount of time that it takes to drive to and from the food pantry. Please weigh your produce at the participating food pantry and keep track of the weight on your reporting forms.

For those of you tending a dedicated community garden for such a project, you have the choice of either counting all your hours in taking care of the garden plus transporting the produce to the food pantry OR you can use the 5 lbs per hour rule.

Participation in NDSU Release Trials

Sometimes the opportunity to grow and monitor a recent or possible NDSU variety in your home garden can spring up. This work can be added into your Master Gardener volunteer or MG Intern Administrative Service hours.

Each trial that you monitor (seven is the maximum per household as established by the program) is equal to two hours of certified volunteer or intern admin service time (one hour of service per cultivar). In 2020, this work can total of up to 14 hours. (Previously we've capped participation at three trials per MG, or 6 hours.)