Working Effectively With Advisory Councils and Other Leadership Groups

(CV1853, Aug. 2017)
Working with your advisory council and other boards should be one of the most rewarding experiences in your Extension career. At times, it also can be the most challenging. This training manual, Working Effectively With Advisory Councils and Other Leadership Groups, is designed to give you a practical look at ideas and examples that have worked for Extension professionals from numerous states. Today’s political, social and economic conditions call for strong volunteer advisory groups to extend the mission of Extension education. They can expand Extension’s presence in a community and represent our needs to governing bodies and decision makers at all levels. For them to represent us, we first must make empowering, motivating, and training our Extension advisory members a priority in our work.
Lead Author
Lead Author:
Rachelle Vettern, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Leadership and Volunteer Specialist
Other Authors

Cindy Klapperich, Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences; Chloe Krinke, NDSU Center for 4-H, Graduate Assistant

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