Arts, Humanities, and Social Science courses excel at providing the key skills needed by all employers in all fields, such as health professions, business, engineering, sciences., and our majors. Today’s employers want the following in demand skills high-level communication, collaboration across diverse groups, creative problem solving, and information analysis.

Please email Dr. Carrie Anne Platt, AHSS Associate Dean, if you have questions or experience trouble accessing any of the resources on this page.

AHSS Course Curation

We want to help you find meaningful courses with the right value-added skills that you need. Through hands-on, project-based learning, you will learn the knowledge and skills you need to succeed, both now and after graduation.

Why course curation? To make it easier to find courses that match your interests and help you develop top skills sought by employers.

How do we curate courses? We have a committee that reviews courses to ensure that they teach the particular high-valued skill.

Can I count curated courses toward general education? Courses that do count toward G.E. requirements are designated in the lists below.

Are there any registration restrictions on these courses? Curated courses with prerequisites, co-requisites, or other registration restrictions are demarcated with an asterisk in the lists below.

How do I use course curation? Select a high-value employment skill then review the list of course offerings and click on the link to see a description and syllabus. Then register for the course.

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