Our intention is to become a leading college of arts, humanities and social sciences in the Upper Midwest region, acknowledged for our scholarly and creative excellence and our ability to prepare students to become creative, engaged, and transformative citizens and leaders.


The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is a core entity at North Dakota State University. Our teaching, research, and creative activities, demonstrate our commitment to the development of enlightened students and community members, to addressing the complexities of human experience, to promoting equality and fairness for all citizens, and to fulfilling the university’s land grant mission.

Strategic Goals
  • To provide effective and innovative approaches that enhance student learning.
  • To engage in exemplary scholarship and creative activity, leading to significant publications and performances.
  • To enrich, educate, and serve the public.
  • To promote equity and diversity on campus and strive to develop a global perspective in our students, faculty, and community
  • To attract talented students, faculty, and staff to sustain high-quality academic programs.

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