ND Institute for Regional Studies

The Institute for Regional Studies was founded at North Dakota State University in 1950. Its mission is to research, document, and archive the stories of North Dakota and the region. The Institute is a key part of the University’s land-grant mission by engagement with the region.
The Institute’s efforts comprised four main areas: collections, publications, outreach, and the social research. The NDSU Libraries holds the research collections of the Institute. The NDSU Press program is in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Finally, the Center for Social Research, established in 1976, exists to facilitate social science research.

G. B. Gunlogson Endowment

The G. B. Gunlogson Endowment supports many activities of the Institute for Regional Studies. This endowment supports projects that specifically use the Institute’s archives and projects that are seeking to publish with the NDSU Press. Funding is awarded annually, with applications are due by the first Friday of September.  

The purpose of this fund is

  • support the publications and archives of the North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies.
  • advance general university outreach through Institute-related activities.
  • enhance NDSU's land-grant mission through Institute projects that preserve the cultural heritage of North Dakota.

Please see the most recent call for proposals for submission details.

photo credit: Institute for Regional Studies, NDSU, Fargo (Mss 85.10.3): link


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