Minor in Tribal and Indigenous Peoples Studies

The Tribal and Indigenous Peoples Studies minor is an interdisciplinary minor that includes courses from a variety of programs like Anthropology, English, History, and Sociology.  It includes a focus on both North American Indigenous Populations, as well as, Indigenous Populations on other continents.  The minor is open to all NDSU students who wish to combine the study of the subject with their major.  

The requirements of the minor are flexible to allow students to create a program most beneficial to them.  There is one required introductory course.  To complete the other credits required for the 18 credit hour minor, students may choose from offerings in a variety of topics including Education, History, Literature, Anthropology, and Latin American Studies, among many others.  We are also happy to consider any Native American or Indigenous Studies Courses you would like to transfer for credit. 

Questions regarding this program, please email Chris Whitsel, Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.  


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