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AHSS Strategic Vision 2016-2021

The fundamental intent of the strategic plan is to set an overall direction for the college while maintaining each department’s responsibility for interpreting and implementing aspirational goals. The following three assumptions expand upon this intent.

First, recognizing that the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences derives its strength from diverse constituencies with broadly shared interests, the strategic plan encourages flexible approaches to goals and targets. The plan attempts to strike a balance between the broadly shared interests of the college as a whole and the more specific practices and cultures of individual departments. To best accomplish this strategic plan, departments are encouraged to review the goals and strategies contained within and to set annual priorities. Progress on these priorities can be included in annual unit reports. It is not requisite that departments work on all strategies; in fact, it may be more productive to select one strategy per goal as a manageable way to move forward.

Second, while the strategic plan is intended to build upon and guide the efforts of all college members, the responsibility for leading the college in pursuit of its aspirational goals lies with the dean. As part of this responsibility, the dean will provide a strategic plan progress report in the annual State of the College Address.

Third, although the strategic plan is designed to guide college efforts for the next five years, changes in economic, societal, and institutional forces will inevitably require modifications in pursuit of aspirational goals. In order to encourage open dialogue and in preparation for the annual State of the College Address, the dean will meet with the Policy and Planning Committee prior to the address to review progress on the strategic plan. 

The purpose of this strategic plan is not to bring closure to discussion about college and department aspirations; in fact, our hope is to encourage it. As we move forward toward accomplishing the goals contained within, there will be a fair share of “figuring out” what needs to take place. Some of these goals were created knowing that they would pertain to certain departments more than others. However, all goals require effort by both the college and departments to accomplish them, and this plan is designed to encourage departments to proceed in a way that best suits them and best serves the interests of the college and university. 

Our Mission

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences is the core college of North Dakota State University, as its liberal arts charge is essential to the purpose of the university. Through our teaching, research, and creative activity, the college is committed to the development of enlightened students and community members, to addressing the complexities of human experience, to promoting equality and fairness for all citizens, and to fulfilling the university’s land grant mission.

Our Vision

We will become the leading college of arts, humanities and social sciences in the Upper Midwest region, acknowledged for our scholarly and creative excellence and our ability to prepare students to become creative, engaged, and transformative citizens and leaders. 

Our Strategic Goals

Goal 1: To provide effective and innovative approaches that enhance student learning.

Strategy 1: Prioritize funding for and encourage participation in faculty development activities related to teaching. 
Strategy 2: Develop and implement evaluation systems that provide helpful and meaningful feedback to instructors.
Strategy 3: Expand and develop forums for the exchange of teaching ideas and success stories within and across college departments.
Strategy 4: Provide a variety of high quality undergraduate research opportunities.

Goal 2: To engage in exemplary scholarship and creative activity, leading to significant publications and performances.

Strategy 1: Increase support for conference travel, college-level grants, and grant acquisition resources.
Strategy 2: Support faculty in creating individual professional development plans.
Strategy 3: Develop the NDSU Press as a strong outlet for published works.
Strategy 4: Highlight and promote exceptional scholarly publications and creative activities.

Goal 3: To enrich, educate, and serve the public.
Strategy 1: Develop and implement a plan to better establish internship opportunities for our students with local, national, and international organizations and government agencies.
Strategy 2: Sponsor performances and forums that will enrich and educate, and create an innovative marketing approach to encourage public participation in these events.
Strategy 3: Promote an outreach component for each major.

Goal 4: To promote equity and diversity on campus and strive to develop a global perspective in our students, faculty, and community.
Strategy 1: Recruit, retain, and promote a diverse faculty and staff.
Strategy 2: Enhance the integration of global content into the curriculum of each major.
Strategy 3: Reactivate the Diversity Committee and give it a charge to assist the college’s departments in their efforts to enhance diversity.
Strategy 4: Develop the Institute for the Study of Cultural Diversity into a college-wide center, supported by departments and the Diversity Committee.

Goal 5: To attract talented students, faculty, and staff to sustain high quality academic programs.
Strategy 1: Establish partnerships with local public and private school systems within the region.
Strategy 2: Engage in fundraising efforts designed to enhance the recruitment and retention of high quality students and faculty.
Strategy 3: Support efforts to recruit graduate students regionally, nationally, and internationally.
Strategy 4: Support initiatives to improve undergraduate and graduate student advising.






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