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Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences acts on all matters pertaining to curriculum, such as course changes, new courses, and changes in degree requirements.   Departments should submit the original proposal form and syllabus to the Curriculum Committee, c/o the Dean's Office (see the Academic Affairs Committee's website for current form and minimum criteria for all syllabi at NDSU).  Upon approval, the College Curriculum Committee forwards proposals on to the University Academic Affairs Committee for review.

Membership on the Curriculum Committee consists of six faculty members, two from the Fine Arts, two from the Humanities, and two from the Social Sciences.  Each member serves a three-year term.  Committee members for 2015-16 are:

  • Angela Smith
  • Pamela Emanuelson
  • Verena Theile
  • Tiffany Fier
  • Mike Christenson
  • Charles Okigbo

Minutes of Curriculum Committee Meetings



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