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Grant Resources for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at NDSU

These pages provide grant information and resources curated especially for faculty and students in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences and Human Development & Education. For grant information and resources for all of NDSU, see the Research and Creative Activity (RCA) site. 


Finding and Communicating with a Sponsor

Our page on AHSS funding opportunities allows you to view

  • Minnesota grantmakers, 
  • North Dakota grantmakers, 
  • NDSU funding programs, 
  • previous sponsors for AHSS at NDSU, and 
  • the top AHSS sponsors in the USA. 

Search for other funding opportunities on grant databases. Although Grants.Gov and the Foundation Center are useful resources, Pivot is the most user-friendly and comprehensive database.

When you find an opportunity that fits, deconstruct the RFP to find out what you need to do to prepare the proposal; seek assistance from the grant coordinator and Sponsored Programs Administration as needed, andcommunicate with the funder appropriately.

Writing a Proposal

Our page on writing a master proposal contains resources for writing a grant, and you can also check the sponsor website for example grant proposals in the relevant program. If you cannot find examples or seek more, view the page on example grant proposals from faculty in AHSS. 

Numbers! EIN? DUNS? F&A? Fringe rates?

Yes, NDSU has its own EIN and DUNS numbers, so you do not have to register for those. F&A = Facilities & Administrative costs = Indirect Costs or IDCs, and there is a differing cost depending on the type of activity and whether it is on or off campus. Fringe refers to fringe benefit rates. When budgeting for salaries, you must include fringe benefits. These rates changed in summer 2015 due to ACA, so be sure to look up the appropriate percentage to use for the right salary range and category of employee.

You can find all of these important numbers and information on Sponsored Program Administration's Institutional Information page.

Forms and Procedures

Familiarize yourself with NDSU's internal requirements and NDSU's proposal process.  Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) must approve applications before they are submitted to any proposed sponsor.  Review SPA's page for more details. 

SPA's website is also useful for AHSS if you:

  • Seek news and events about grants across NDSU.  
  • Encounter an electronic proposal submission.  Contact Electronic Research Administration to save yourself time and energy
  • Are looking for certain forms, including budget forms 
  • Need institutional information when filling out an application
  • Want to view institutional policies regarding grants
  • Need pre- and post-award information.  This page explains the steps you should take if the sponsor requests a revised budget, if the PI of a project changes, etc.  

You can also view a list of other NDSU grant/research resources

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