College Committees

The College has five college-wide committees.  Each committee (with the exception of the Faculty and Lecturer Recognition Committee) has six faculty members, with equal representation from the Fine Arts, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences.

Curriculum Committee

2020-2021 members:

  • Jeanne Hageman, Humanities
  • Bakr Aly Ahmed, Arts
  • John Cox, Humanities
  • Melissa Vosen Callens, Social Sciences
  • Mike Weber, Arts
  • Dan Pemstein, Social Sciences

The committee acts on all matters pertaining to curriculum, such as course changes, new courses, and changes in degree requirements.   Departments should submit the original proposal form and syllabus to the Curriculum Committee, c/o the Dean's Office (see the University  University Curriculum Committee's website for current form and minimum criteria for all syllabi at NDSU).  Upon approval, the College Curriculum Committee forwards proposals on to the University Curriculum Committee for review.

Membership on the Curriculum Committee consists of six faculty members, two from the Fine Arts, two from the Humanities, and two from the Social Sciences.  Each member serves a three-year term. 


Policy and Planning Committee

2020-2021 Members:

  • Sarah Boonstoppel,Social Sciences
  • Carlos Hawley, Humanities
  • Meghan Duda, Arts
  • Justin Walden, Social Sciences
  • Tyler Wottrich, Arts

The Committee functions as a gateway for proposed changes to the Handbook for Faculty and Lecturers, determines and announces the dates for college meetings at the beginning of the academic year, and considers questions from faculty and administration that are not clearly within the jurisdiction of the other elected committees in the college.

There are six members on the Policy and Planning Committee, two from the fine arts, two from the humanities, and two from the social sciences. 

Promotion, Tenure and Evaluation Committee

2020-2021 Members:

  • Bradley Benton, Humanities
  • Bruce Maylath, Humanities
  • Zoltan Majdik, Social Sciences
  • Paul Gleye, Arts
  • Warren Olfert, Arts
  • Steve Briggs, Social Sciences

The Committee will independently review, evaluate, and vote on each candidate's application for promotion and/or tenure.  The Committee will prepare a written evaluation of the application, including recommendations and an explanation of the basis for them, which will be included in the candidate's application. 

The PTE Committee also shares with the Dean the responsibility for the completion of the required annual written evaluations for faculty in departments having two or fewer full-time equivalent faculty members and recommends to the Provost/VPAA the members of the evaluation committees for the evaluation of academic deans and directors.


Student Progress Committee

2020-2021 Members:

  • Tracy Barrett, Humanities
  • TBD, Social Sciences
  • Dominic Fischer, Arts
  • Kjersten Nelson, Social Sciences
  • Marc Devine, Arts
  • Heath Wing, Humanities

The Committee acts on behalf of the faculty in the following areas:

  1. Probations, suspensions, and other matters relating to deficient students
  2. Petitions, such as requests for waivers of graduation requirements
  3. Selection of recipients for college-wide scholarships

The six committee members (two each from the Arts, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences) serve for three-year terms, and are eligible for immediate re-election.


Faculty and Lecturer Recognition Committee

2020-2021 Members:

  • Marcela Perett, Humanities
  • Catherine Kingsley Westerman, Social Sciences
  • Alison Graham-Bertolini, Humanities
  • Jess Jung, Arts
  • Tyler Wottrich, Arts
  • Andrew Myer, Social Sciences

The Committee solicits, accepts nominations for, and selects the annual recipients of the College's Outstanding Awards for Research, Creative Activity, Teaching, and Service.

Membership is composed of six tenured faculty who will serve three-year terms (two from the humanities, two from the social sciences, and two from the fine arts).  Members are not eligible for immediate re-election.  Department chairs/heads are not eligible to serve on this committee.


AHSS Faculty Senators

2020-2021 Senators:

Holly Hassel, Senate Executive Committee
John Creese, Social Sciences
Kristen Fellows, Social Sciences
Pam Emanuelson, Social Sciences
Sean Burt, Humanities
Lisa Arnold, Humanities
Carlos Hawley, Humanities
Kelly Sassi, Humanities
Bakr Aly Ahmed, Arts
Anastassiya Andrianova, Humanities

First Alternate:
Tom Ambrosio, Social Sciences

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