Dr. Dan Pemstein was awarded and NFS Grant in the amount of $737,487

The College is proud to announce that Dr. Dan Pemstein, Dept. of Political Science and Public Policy, was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation for $737,487. Dr. Pemstein is the principal investigator on this project. The NSF grant collaborates with individuals at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Brandeis for a total of $1,099,873. Dr. Pemstein’s faculty page.

Grant Abstract:

“This grant supports infrastructure to collect data from around the world on cybersecurity, internet freedom, disinformation, coordinated information operations, and the politicization and polarization of social media. The project builds a global pool of experts who will provide data each year. It also advances methods to ensure that these data are valid. The project links the data to a massive set of political tweets, coded by place. Scholars and others can access these data through an online interface and open-source software. This project can help us learn how states monitor, alter, and control online space. This research is critically important to the US government, aid and human rights groups, and private industry. Policymakers can also rely on this project to better understand how and where to step in to curb internet-driven political violence, stop the spread of disinformation, reduce electoral manipulation, and enhance government accountability. Civil society groups can use assessments of online freedom and cybersecurity to improve human rights surveillance. Firms can use the data to reduce harm caused by their social media platforms. Finally, teachers and students can use this project to better understand politics in a digital world, equipping citizens to safely traverse the modern information landscape.”


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