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Peter Hilkes: Germans from the Former Soviet Union


Excerpt from the Introduction

In the interview that follows, Peter Hilkes provides information about the Aussiedler and about those ethnic Germans who still remain in the former USSR. Much of what he has to say is insightful and revealing. As noted earlier, many officials and bureaucrats in Germany have come under attack for their handling of "the Aussiedler problem." Thus it is valuable to have someone like Peter Hilkes--who works with German immigration officials and bureaucrats on an almost daily basis--articulate his views and clarify the official policies of the Federal Republic of Germany.

During the interview, Peter Hilkes commented that the German-Russian Aussiedler presently have no spokesmen, "no outstanding persons who would present themselves in public and ask for special rights." But this situation undoubtedly will change. As the pressure for total assimilation into mainstream German society increases, the Aussiedler from the former Soviet Union will grow less accommodating, less patient, less restrained. It is only a matter of time until we hear emerging leaders of the Aussiedler proclaim: "Lass uns fur uns sprechen!--Let us speak for ourselves!" When that day finally dawns, we will hear the rest of the story.

Timothy J. Kloberdanz


Historic Architectural Survey of Bowman County



The Historic Architectural Survey of Bowman County was conducted in 1997-98 by the Institute for Regional Studies under a grant from the Preservation Services Fund, State Historical Society of North Dakota. This reconnaissance-level survey treated 252 sites comprising 1044 features in rural and small-town Bowman County. It results in recommendations that 55 properties be considered for the National Register of Historic Places. It identifies properties for prospective individual, district, or thematic nomination. It also provides a large data base of information on the material culture of Bowman County, a resource for future study and planning. It places the historic architecture of the county into the context of regional history, with emphasis on settlement instigated by construction of the Milwaukee Railroad in 1907-8.



Space and Motion: A View of the Northern Great Plains


Gene Wunderlich
Price: $4.00 *


What others are saying about Space and Motion

"A thoughtful perspective on our place in history and the future that may await us." - Thomas Riley

"Wunderlich, whose credentials uniquely qualify him to examine the Northern Great Plains, is on to something. His approach is intriguing. The lengthy essay is well worth reading, in particular his ideas about policy regarding the vast spaces of the plains. So don't be satisfied with good census figures. Don't worry about the [National] Geographic's distortion. Instead, read Wunderlich's insightful essay and consider a new way to think about the space that could be the Northern Great Plains most important resource." - Jack Zaleski, The Forum



  • The Northern Great Plains
  • Empedocles' Recipe
  • Resources and Development
  • Saving Space
  • Space Policy

About the Author

Gene Wunderlich was raised on a farm in North Dakota. He began his education in a one-room schoolhouse near the Canadian border. He holds a B.S. in commerce from the University of North Dakota, and an M.S and Ph.D. from Iowa State University. In 1955 he began a 40-year career in the USDA's Economic Research Service and its predecessor agencies. His research at the USDA had an interdisciplinary flavor of law and economics.


Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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