Mike Christenson
Professor of Architecture
Phone: 612-209-0764

Research and Interest:

Registered architect with 10+ years experience in professional practice; a participant on national award-winning architectural projects, with an extensive record of nationally and internationally published research on theories and practices of architectural representation.

Educational Credentials:

M. Arch., University of Minnesota, 1997
B. E. D., University of Minnesota, 1995

Selected Publications and Recent Research:

"Critical Dimensions in Architectural Photography: Contributions to Architectural Knowledge," in Architecture_MPS 11 (2), 1-17 (2017);

"Kinds of Designing and Their Functions in Analyzing," in International Journal of Technology and Design Education 27 (4), 611–626 (2017);

"The Photographic Construction of Urban Renewal in Fargo, North Dakota," in Buildings & Landscapes 23 (2), 116-128 (2016);

Beginning Design Technology (2015);

"Isovist-based occlusion maps representing critical variations in Le Corbusier's Museum of Unlimited Extension." Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 41 (1), 39-52 (2014);

(With Malini Srivastava and Peter Atwood) "Design-Build as a Reversal of Professional Practice," Proceedings, ACSA Fall Conference, 628-636 (2014);

"Comprehensive Parasites," Proceedings, 19th International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, 771-780 (2014);

"Mixing algorithms in urban analysis and transformation," Proceedings of the EAAE/ARCC International Conference on Architectural Research, 578-581 (2012);

"'From the unknown to the known': Transitions in the architectural vernacular." Buildings & Landscapes 18.1, 1-13 (2011);

"On the architectural structure of photographic space." Architectural Science Review 54 (2011);
"Registering visual permeability in architecture: Isovists and occlusion maps in AutoLISP." Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 37 (6), 1128-1136 (2010);

"Testing the Relevance of Parameterization to Architectural Epistemology." Architectural Science Review 52 (2), 135-141 (2009);

"On dependencies between architecture and media: Considering the remote work." ARCC Journal 5 (2009).


North Dakota; Minnesota.

Professional Experience:

Architect/Principal, Design and Energy Laboratory, Fargo, ND, 2011-present
Intern Architect, Architectural Alliance, Minneapolis, MN, 2001-2005
(Guthrie Theater on the River, Minneapolis, MN, with Ateliers Jean Nouvel; Minneapolis Central Library, Minneapolis, MN, with Cesar Pelli)
Intern Architect, Stageberg Beyer Sachs, Minneapolis, MN, 1997-2001
(Walter Digital Technology Center, Minneapolis, MN)
Intern Architect, Julie Snow Architect, Minneapolis, MN, 1997
(Jerstad Center, Sioux Falls, SD)
Intern Architect, Vincent James Associates Architects, Minneapolis, MN 1996
(Dayton Residence, Minneapolis, MN)

Professional Memberships:

American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA)
Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA)
Building Technology Educators' Society (BTES)
Society of Building Science Educators (SBSE)
Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Architectural Computing

Courses Taught:

ARCH 231 Architectural Drawing
ARCH 232 Design Technology
ARCH 271/2 Design Studio
ARCH 326 Design Theory
ARCH 344 Structures 1
ARCH 371/2 Design Studio
ARCH 372 Design Studio
ARCH 474 International Design Studio: India
ARCH 721-01 Non-Western Architectural Traditions: India
ARCH 725 Architecture of the Recent Past: India
ARCH 726 Seminar in Current Architectural Theory
ARCH 727-01 Vernacular Architecture: India
ARCH 771 Design Studio
ARCH 772-04 Thesis Studio
ARCH 789-02 Professional Topics: Study Tour Abroad: Japan

Teaching Experience:

Professor, North Dakota State University, 2017-present.
Associate Professor, North Dakota State University, 2012-2017.
Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University, 2006-2012.
Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, 1997-2005.