Matthew Lunde
Adjunct Professor of Architecture

Current Research/ Exhibitions :

I have interests in “green” design and marketing, sustainability, LEED, architectural design drawn from humanitarian and experiential perspectives, and higher education.

Educational Credentials:

MBA, NDSU, 2011
Graduate Certificate in College Teaching, NDSU, 2011
M.Arch., NDSU, 2001
LEED AP+BD&C, United States Green Building Council, 2008
B.S. in Environmental Design, NDSU, 2008

Professional Development:

Architectural Intern, JLG Architects, Summer 2009

Honors & Awards:

Various honors and awards received while I were a student at NDSU.

Courses Taught:

Adjunct Lecturer, NDSU AR/LA, Spring 2011
ENVD 101

Graduate Assistant, NDSU College of Business, 2009-2010
MGMT 440: “International Management”