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Building Visionaries

The NDSU Architecture Program prepares people to make a lasting contribution to the design of the human environment. Students gain a detailed grasp of fundamental architectural principles, while mastering advanced modeling technologies and seeing actual projects through to their completion. Our state-of-the-art classrooms and design studios provide architectural inspiration of their own, located in the heart of historic downtown Fargo.

We offer a five-year accredited Master of Architecture degree program for professional licensure, along with a four-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture program that provides a solid foundation for continuing education, or a career in an architecture-related field.

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Catch lectures on the latest trends and issues from visiting alumni and other industry leaders.
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Get a step-by-step overview of program completion, from admission through career placement.

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Class Spotlight

ARCH 321 — Architectural History I: Learn about timeless building designs from around the world.

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Dr. Ganapathy Mahalingam, Professor of Architecture.

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