The landscape architecture program at NDSU [] welcomes both first-time college students and transfer students into our program.

Selective Admission
Approximately 16 landscape architecture majors are admitted into the second year of the program. It is important to apply early, complete all freshman courses in the first year, and maintain a solid academic record. Selective admission into the landscape architecture program at NDSU takes place through a two-step process.

 High school students entering as freshmen are evaluated on the basis of their high school record and test scores, while transfer students are evaluated on the basis of course work taken and grades received.
 Upon completion of the first year, a selected number of students are admitted to the second year of the program. The basis for selection is grade point average (GPA) for courses taken at NDSU with a full course load, and performance in the first year architecture courses.

High School Preparation
The best courses to study in high school are those that would be recommended for any demanding college program - a positive mixture of courses in life sciences, chemistry, physics, art, geometry, humanities and social sciences. Courses in mechanical drawing and architectural drawing are not necessary and, in fact, may be less useful than general academic subjects and freehand drawing classes.

Transfer Students
Applying for admission early is necessary so all information is processed before the beginning of each academic year. Applications should include official transcripts from other institutions covering all course work completed prior to enrollment at North Dakota State University. Transfer applicants are required to enter the landscape architecture program at the first-year level.

Laptop Requirement
Each student is required to purchase a laptop computer at the end of the fall semester of the second year. This computer will allow students to explore many areas of landscape architecture, computer graphics and technology.

Detailed specifications are shared with students during this semester, and students are encouraged to wait until this point to purchase a laptop, to ensure that laptops function as long as possible during the remainder of students’ years in the program.