Senior Thesis

Fresh Place Market: A Permanent Farmer's Market Solution (Fargo, ND)

by: Jake Coryell



Current farmers and individual food producers are struggling for spatial identity and social legitimacy in a larger food network that currently exists in America. Much of the current research only focuses on consumer and vendor ideals in terms of what contributes to an ideal farmer’s markets social identity. However, little research focuses on the need to evaluate farmer’s markets in terms of their spatial identity and how it contributes to creating the ideal farmers market. This research connects with vendors through a pictorial survey to understand some of their preferred spatial qualities, piggy backs on current trends that residents in the Fargo-Moorhead area would like to see in their community, and comparatively analyzes the ten existing Fargo-Moorhead urban area farmer’s markets and produce stands utilizing GIS software. The research is then applied to a design solution that reflects the preferred spatial qualities and overall community vision.

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