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Mission Statement

The NDSU Landscape Architecture Program is designed as a collaborative, studio-based and interdisciplinary education in a vibrant urban setting. Our students create regionally focused projects that have immediate correlations to practice around the globe. The curriculum allows students to master a design foundation through leading technology, practice and theory-based thinking, and the knowledge of building forms in the landscape.

Our five-year Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree program is designed to prepare students for innovative professional practice or pursuing a graduate education in landscape architecture.


The program seeks to create an environment that provides students challenging opportunities in a unique landscape where “earth and sky meet on the far horizon (Jens Jensen).” The natural resource development in our region provides an economic engine and laboratory for design innovation that balance need for resources with the goals of sustainability students The guiding philosophy of the program is to approach design as a knowledge based discipline that considers the prairie, the agrarian heritage and cultural landscapes of the plains; as well as the work of notable architects and landscape architects of the region. The rich diverse resources of NDSU and Fargo-Moorhead, provides students the opportunity to participate in community outreach projects, innovative park and place-making a reality, urban design that is socially and environmentally just, reclamation of large-scale sites, environmental planning for under- and over-developed countries and travel opportunities to lead students to contemporary practices in landscape architecture.

LAAB Public Information

Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) Public Information Policy Click Here.


In 2014 the program was granted full accreditation, which is a six-year time period, by LAAB.

Landscape Architecture Studio Showcase

Student: Jin Kim; Landscape Architecture Studio LA471; 4th Year Urban Design. Jay Kost, Instructor. The project was in NYC. Project Description: After proposing a master plan for an urban center, students envision the design and detailing of public amenities such as parks, plazas, rooftop gardens, waterfronts and streetscapes. See the entire project here.

Start to Finish

Get a step-by-step overview of program completion, from admission through career placement.

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Course Spotlight

LA 232 — Design Technologies (Digital Media): Study and use latest digital modeling software.

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Faculty Spotlight

Matthew Kirkwood, Landscape Archtecture Program Director.

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