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Substance Abuse Prevention


Does NDSU allow alcohol on campus?

A: The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education and NDSU prohibit the possession, sale, dispensation or consumption of alcohol on campus. Besides that, most students living on campus are under 21; underage drinking and possession is illegal under North Dakota law.

What is NDSU's Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

A: NDSU complies with all state and federal laws regarding drugs and alcohol.

"The University prohibits the unlawful or unauthorized use, possession, storage, manufacture, distribution, or sale of alcoholic beverages and any illicit drugs or drug paraphernalia in University buildings, any campus area, in University housing units, in University vehicles, or at any University affiliated events held on or off - campus, which are sponsored by students, employees and their respective campus organizations (including all fraternities and sororities)."

For more information see NDSU Alcohol & Other Drug Policies and State & Local Laws.

What happens if my student is caught using alcohol underage or other illegal drugs?

A: Students and student organizations that violate university drug and alcohol policy (either on or off campus) are subject to the university conduct process. The severity of the violation and previous history of drug or alcohol use will provide direction to the condition of their sanction. The conditions associated with the sanction are decided on by a hearing officer. These conditions may include:

  • Alcohol education class 
  • Written reflection 
  • Restitution 
  • Restricted access to university facilities 
  • Removal from the residences halls or apartments 
  • Loss of privileges 
  • Probation 
  • Suspension and/or expulsion from the university. 

Students who violate NDSU's drug and alcohol policies may also be breaking North Dakota state law and are subject to all legal consequences associated with that. Fargo Municipal court fines and fees may exceed $500 for first time alcohol-related violations. These consequences may also hinder the ability to obtain certain types of employment after the student has completed their degree. Results of a study of employers of NDSU graduates indicate that employers of NDSU graduates consider the past infractions of students before making hiring decisions. According to one employer, “If filling a position came down to two individuals that were equally qualified (or have the same potential) we would opt not to hire the person with infractions of their record. This could be specifically detrimental to a recent college grad who is trying to get into the workforce.”

Will I be notified if my student is caught using drugs or alcohol?

A: If your student is under 21 you may be contacted by an NDSU official about your student’s behavior, without their consent. NDSU’s parental notification policy is available on the Student Rights and Responsibilities website.

This communication will come from the University in written form. We encourage you to discuss your student’s behavior with them and we also welcome any questions pertaining to the university conduct process. University officials are not able to discuss the specifics of the situation without your student’s written permission.

What are the statistics regarding alcohol and other drug use at NDSU?

A: NDSU conducts regular research to measure drinking and drug use behaviors of students, as well as their perceptions of the norms surrounding alcohol use among their peers. The CORE Alcohol and Drug Survey takes place every other year. The survey was developed to measure alcohol and other drug usage, as well as attitudes and perceptions among college students attending two and four year institutions, nationwide. For information regarding the national statistics visit the CORE Institute

A summary of the results of the 2014 CORE Alcohol and Other Drug Survey is available for review. 

Don't ALL college students drink? Isn't it just a rite of passage?

A: While movies and television shows promote the idea that college students get drunk constantly, don’t be fooled. Binge-drinking is less common on college campuses than you might think. In fact, in recent years students choosing to abstain from alcohol all together are increasing. 

  • According to a survey conducted on the NDSU campus in 2012, 13.4% of NDSU students abstain from drinking completely.
  • The survey also showed 30% percent of NDSU first-year students do not drink at all and only 33.3% reported binge drinking in the two weeks prior to taking the survey.
  • Students tend to overestimate their peers use of alcohol. In a recent NDSU study, they perceived their peers as consuming an average of 6.05 drinks at off-campus parties, when the average number of drinks consumed was actually 4.92. 
  • Also, according to the 2012 NDSU CORE Alcohol and Other Drug Survey, 92% of NDSU students say alcohol is NOT necessary to have a good time.

Just know this: Should your student choose not to drink, they are not alone.

How can I talk to my student about alcohol and other drugs?

A: Great question! See our "Talking about alcohol with your student" page for lots of tips and suggestions for starting (or continuing) this important discussion.

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