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Tips and Suggestions for Chemistry 240

Shared by current or former Allied Sciences Students

GO TO CLASS!!!!!!! (and stay awake for it)


Make use of office hours. I was petrified to go talk to the teacher because I thought she would just think I didn't understand because I was dumb or I hadn't been paying attention. The professor definitely never made me feel dumb for asking questions. After I went the first time, I went all the time. Also, teachers tend to be more lenient for the students they know are trying hard.

Do the homework! I tried to have mine done at least 3 days before the test so I could go ask the teacher questions. In my experience, the homework is harder than the test so if you can get through the homework, you can definitely get through a test.  Help someone else. You solidify any knowledge that you have if you can teach it to someone else. Even if it's just you and a friend pretending to teach each other, it helps!

---Emily, Respiratory Care


I usually studied at least 3 days before the test and attended every class…the thing that helped me the most was I studied with a close friend, and we quizzed each other on the various topics.  

---John, Respiratory Care


Do the practice problems handed out by the professor.  Read the chapters and review your notes along with the reading.Visualize the concepts.  If you aren’t the best at “seeing” it in your head, borrow the molecule set in order to have something to manipulate. 

--- Darcy, Medical Laboratory Science 

Go to class, sit in front, and stay awake!!  I also found it helpful to study with a group of friends a week before the test.  We also did the practice problems together (not just copying answers out of the answer manual, but actually working through all the steps)!!  I would advise to buy the answer manual for reference, but don't always depend on it!!  Make sure to do the homework and read the chapters and take your own notes!

---Becca, Respiratory Care


The most important thing is to do all of the homework that is assigned for every chapter. You won’t really know if you are doing the problems right unless you buy the optional book, as the textbook does not have answers in it. The problems on the test will be very similar to the homework problems. Make sure that you look over new terms that are covered in lecture because they often show up as fill in the blank questions on the tests. If you do and understand the homework problems you will be fine for this class. Start studying early in case you get stuck you can get help. I found that the textbook example problems were usually helpful but visits to office hours may be necessary.

---Troy, Medical Lab Science


Find a buddy to give you the notes if you don't make it to class.  Try to go to class as much as you possibly can (you can get lost very easily if you miss a class.)  Most of all, don't be afraid to ask questions either during class or meeting with your teacher after class.  The instructor was very helpful, especially in helping me prepare for the final.

---Mason, Respiratory Care

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