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MLS Student Curriculum Guide

MLS Student Curriculum Guide.  Click here to see courses required for the BS, MLS.

Courses listed here fulfill requirements for a Bachelor of Science, major in Medical Laboratory Science, from North Dakota State University.  Courses included in the first three years must be completed prior to starting the professional class and clinical experience/internship (MLS 496) in a NAACLS accredited, affiliated hospital-based medical laboratory science program. Transfer students must successfully complete a minimum of 20 resident credits at NDSU prior to the start of the professional program/internship.  Upon completion of all educational requirements, including the professional program/internship, NDSU bestows the baccalaureate degree and the graduate is eligible to take the national certification exam offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification.

While every effort is made to provide accurate and current information, curriculum requirements tend to be updated annually. Students are subject to meeting the curriculum requirements in effect at the time of entrance into a major or program of study. It is strongly recommended that the student prepare a degree plan with their adviser to ensure that all MLS major, general education and degree requirements are satisfactorily completed.

MLS Sample Curriculum

This is a sample curriculum.  Other variations are possible.  Students should meet with their advisor to plan their schedule and ensure that required courses are completed for internship application and graduation.

Engl 110, 120 - College Composition I,II33
Chem 121, 121L - General Chemistry I, Lab I3,1-
Biol 150, 150L - General Biology, Lab3,1-
Math 103 - College Algebra3-
Univ 189 - Skills for Academic Success1-

CSci 114 - Microcomputer Packages

Chem 122, 122L - General Chemistry II, Lab II-3,1
Wellness Elective-2
Comm 110 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking-3
*Chem 240 - Survey of Organic Chemistry OR
Chem 341, 341L - Organic Chemistry I, Lab
Micr 350, 350L - General Microbiology, Lab3,2-
Biol 220, 220L - Human Anatomy & Physiology I, Lab3,1-
MLS 200 - Intro to Medical Lab Science1-
Biol 221, 221L - Human Anatomy & Physiology II, Lab -3,1
General Education Electives 33
*Chem 342 - Organic Chemistry II-0-3*
Micr 460, 460L - Pathogenic Microbiology, Lab-3,2
Stat 330 - Introductory Statistics-3
Biol 315, 315L - Genetics, Lab3,1-
Bioc 460, 460L - Found/Biochem/Molecular Biology I, Lab3,1-
*Bioc 461 - Found/Biochem/Molecular Biology II-0-4*
Micr 470, 471 - Immunology/Lab3, 2-
Micr 463 - Clinical Parasitology-2
MLS 435 - Hematology-2
General Education Requirements/Electives36
Engl 325 - Writing in the Health Professions-3

MLS 496 - Field Experience/Internship
Credits earned in an affiliated, NAACLS accredited hospital program;
11-12 months in length including one summer session; Fall=12 credits,
spring=12credits, summer=6 credits.

Curriculum Total122

*Students have the option to complete one full year of 300 level organic chemistry (Chem 341, 341L & 342) with one semester of 400 biochemistry or one semester of survey organic chemistry (Chem 240) and one full year of 400 level biochemistry.

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