Students of Allied Sciences organization names award recipients and next year's officers

 The Students of Allied Sciences hosted their year-end celebration on Tuesday, April 16th.  Students enjoyed a meal together and had a chance to reflect on the year.  The Students of Allied Science Effort and Engagement Awards were announced, and the officer team for 2019-2020 was named. 

Members with outstanding commitment to the organization were honored with awards.  The Volunteer award is given to the member who has logged the most service hours throughout the year.  The involvement award is based on attendance at meetings and events and overall group involvement. 




The award winners for the 2018-2019 year are:


 Involvement Award: Kari Fragodt, Kayla Brandes, Cheyenne Lesniak and Dawn Swartz

Volunteer Award:  Brooke Vanderlaan, Kari Fragodt

Leadership Award:  Jenna Karsky

The Students of Allied Sciences officer team for the 2019-2020 year includes:


President:  Jordan VanEps

Vice President:  Kari Fragodt

Treasurer:  Brooke Vanderlaan

Secretary:  Ashley Blom

Representatives:  Abbie Anderson and Jaylee Mattis

Congratulations to the award recipients and upcoming officers!

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