NDSU and Sanford radiology students receive honors

Students from NDSU and the Sanford Medical Center Fargo School of Radiography received awards during the Scientific Exhibit and Scientific Essay competition hosted by the North Dakota Society of Radiologic Technologists at the NDSRT Annual Educational Conference on April 2.

Radiology student Jaylee Messmer received several honors including:

  • Scientific Essay - First place - Bone Scintigraphy
  • Clara Sanger Scholarship Award
  • Scientific Exhibit - Third place - Nuclear Stress Test

photo of Jaylee Messmer, NDSU radiologic sciences student

Award recipeints in the Scientific Exhibit category include:

First place, Maggie Gietzen -  Imaging the Unseen
Second place, Alan Aquino Velasco - Forensic Radiography
Third place, Jaylee Messmer - Nuclear Stress Test

photo of Maggie Gietzan, radiologic sciences student

Photo of Alan Aquino Velasco, radiologic sciences student

photo of Jaylee Messmer, radiologic sciences student

Participants included:

Shania Mantz – Pregnancy Imaging in MRI
Torie Horning – A Handy Tool
Kiera Schweitzberger – Scoliosis Series

Photo of Shania Mantz, radiologic sciences student

Photo of Torie Horning, radiologic sciences student

Photo of Kiera Schweitzberger, radiologic sciences student

The radiologic sciences program at NDSU begins with two or more years of pre-radiologic sciences academic courses, followed by a 21- to 24-month full-time professional internship within a hospital-based program affiliated with NDSU covering a four-state region. Program options include radiography, echocardiography, and medical diagnostic sonography.





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