In 1949 legislative assembly appropriated $400,000 for an additional engineering building. The new building permitted increased opportunities for better instruction with expanding facilities (Thirtieth Biennial Report, NDAC, 1948-50, p.17). The new engineering building was completed in 1952. The building was originally referred to as the North Engineering Building. It contained offices and classrooms for those associated with the School of Engineering in a section measuring 65 feet by 130 feet. It also contained three units measuring 90 feet by 165 and each housed a machine shop, an internal combustion laboratory, testing laboratory, and civil engineering laboratory. Adjacent to the new building was a quonset style building, which housed the aeronautical engineering laboratory (NDAC Catalog, 1954-55, p. 36).

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1319 Centennial Boulevard
Fargo, ND 58102


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