Construction of Ladd Hall (New Chemistry Building) began in 1910 after an explosion and subsequent fire destroyed the first Chemistry Building. Once the plans for the new Chemical Laboratory were completed, the contract was let in April 1910. The new building was to be of steel reinforced concrete. The plans made the new building much larger than the old laboratory and designed it to be fireproof throughout giving the divisions of chemistry and pharmacy the necessary facilities for growth and development. The plans detailed a building 125 feet long and 90 feet in width that was three stories in height, with a tower for the installment of the meteorological apparatus. The designers also provided a large storeroom for supplies and explosives detached from the main building. The plans further provided for a large, well-equipped greenhouse connected to the building. The greenhouse would be used for experimental work in agricultural chemistry and plant nutrition (The Weekly Spectrum, March 22, 1910, p. 1).

Street Address

1231 Albrecht Boulevard
Fargo, ND 58102


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