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About the Club
The NDSU Amateur Radio Society was started by the late Ernie Anderson (WØRRW) in 1948. Over the years club has served as a station away from home for many college students and as a doorway into the hobby for many others. Members with interests in operating, working with equipment, and both have participated in many activities including building a working repeater, hosting and attending hamfests, and putting on the old North Dakota QSO Party.

Our HF station consists of a Yaseau FT-840 with a 3-element, triband Yagi at 50 feet for 10-15-20 and a 160 M dipole at the same height for 40-80-160. We also have a Yaesu FT-480R and several Yagi antennas for the VHF bands. All of our antennas our located about 500 feet from our shack, connected to the station with a single long run of hardline which was donated by Cablecom of Fargo. The location of the shack used to be located in the Electrical Engineering building, and it is now located in the basement of the Mechanical Engineering building, Dolve 3A. When the Electrical Engineering building was constructed, it was built with amateur radio in mind. A designated room was built, along with heavy metal plates in the roof to mount the towers for the antennas. (The Electrical Engineering building roof was re-worked during the summer of 2003, but the antenna support structure was left intact.) Due to space limitations, the shack was relocated in the early 1990's. We are very greatful to have a place to operate.

We currently have a 2 meter repeater with antenna located on the top of the tower in the center of the roof of the Electrical Engineering building. For the existing ham operator or the scanner listener, the frequency is 147.090 + . The antenna is a J-pole, which is driven by on old Johnson commercial radio and controlled by a microcontrolled unit. The performance of the repeater is mediocre with its mere 20 watt output, which achieves a dependable 15-20 mile radius. We hope to "tweak" the system in the future.

Becoming A Member
Membership fee is $10 a year -- a bargain, considering the equipment access and support you receive with the club. Dues help to support equipment maintenance and parts for ongoing projects.

Executive Committee / Club Contacts
(Spring 2013)
President James Parrow KDØNQX James.Parrow.2 at ndsu.edu
Vice Pres. Gerardo Zamora KDØNZU gerardo.zamora at ndsu.edu
Secretary Braden Aasand KDØNRB Braden.Aasand.2 at ndsu.edu
Treasurer Billy Kuehn KDØPYA William.Kuehn at ndsu.edu
Advisor Dr. Roger Green   Roger.Green at ndsu.edu
WØHSC Trustee Dr. Mark Jensen KAØWTX mark.jensen at med.und.edu
KDØSWQ Trustee John G Englund III KDØRKS John.Englund at va.gov
Club e-mail WØHSC w0hsc at venus.ece.ndsu.nodak.edu
E-Mail all Members ListServ NDSUARS at LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU
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The present version of the Constitution (pdf or html) of the Club was ratified on March 2, 2011.

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NDSUARS is an independent student organization.

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