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For even more links, visit Yahoo's Ham Radio page .

Featured Links

  • Lots of information about D-STAR

  • This is an excellent site that is updated every month that has a lot of information for beginners as well as experienced ham operators. Also many articles about the future of the hobby that should be read by all hams. Check out Ham Radio Online.

  • Do you have your callsign yet? If so, you can get on the air. Check out the FCC's daily proceedings, and a complete United States callsign database, at the UALR Lookup Page!

  • Take a sample ham exam on the web, and get scored instantly. Current question pools are online! Gain confidence for your next test at the Practice Ham Radio Exam Page .

  • The ARRL (American Radio Relay League) is an excellent source of information for anything and everything related to amateur radio. We recommend a visit to the ARRL Home Page .




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