Do we assess all courses in the program?

Courses that align with program learning outcomes (PLOs) should be assessed as part of the overall program assessment identified in an assessment plan. Individual courses can also be assessed though not necessarily included in the program assessment. All courses in a program do not need to be assessed, but courses that support PLOs and are required for students to complete the program should be assessed.

Do all program learning outcomes (PLOs) need to be assessed in every course?

No, typically every course will not address every PLO. However, there may be some courses that do address all the PLOs. A program assessment plan should identify the assessment cycle, which identifies which PLOs will be assessed each academic year. Not all PLOs are assessed each year unless required by a specialized accreditor.

Do we include courses outside of our department in our program assessment?

It is challenging to modify classes outside of the department so it is encouraged to use classes within your department for your program assessment.

Is formative assessment part of program assessment?

Formative assessment is often a part of any program. However, summative information is best reported for program assessment.

Do we assess all content in the course being assessed?

Only information tied to program assessment and PLOs should be reviewed specific to program assessment.

At what point do we assess classes during the semester?

Assessment can happen many times throughout the semester. However, for the purposes of program assessment, it is best to use summative information or information at the end of when the content is offered, typically towards the end of the semester.

Can we change the assessment?

There isn’t a perfect assessment plan, and it is likely that each assessment plan will need to be updated after detailed review.

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