Dear Campus Community,

 The murder of George Floyd, the loss of so many Black lives, and other recent events have brought to the forefront the racial inequalities and injustice pervasive in America. The ongoing acts of violence and harassment against Black and African American people are unacceptable.

As Biologists, we are in awe of the diversity of life. As scientists and educators, we value and celebrate the contributions that diversity brings to research and the classroom, providing insight and experiences not otherwise possible. It is imperative that we recognize the impact of the experiences of people of color, while at the same time work to provide avenues for dialogue and safe spaces for learning.

The Department of Biological Sciences at NDSU is united in solidarity and opposes the systemic racial inequality that is pervasive not only in society but academia as well. Therefore, we

  • recognize that our Black and African American students and colleagues face trauma, fear, and distrust in the classroom, the laboratory, field sites, conferences, and across academia.
  • will create spaces where all our students and colleagues feel safe to learn and do science.
  • will work to dismantle policies that promote racism in the classroom, university, and our communities.

We stand with you.

The Department of Biological Sciences at NDSU, including:

Kendra Greenlee, Professor and Chair
Jenni Momsen, Associate Professor
Ned Dochtermann, Associate Professor
Sarah Signor, Assistant Professor
Matthew Smith, Associate Professor
Timothy Greives, Associate Professor
Steve Travers, Associate Professor
Jiha Kim, Assistant Professor
Laura Aldrich-Wolfe, Assistant Professor
Katie Reindl, Associate Professor
Jill Hamilton, Assistant Professor
Jon Sweetman, Assistant Professor
Jill Lodde Greives, Academic Advisor
Britt Heidinger, Associate Professor
Wendy Leach, Academic Assistant
Giancarlo López-Martínez, Assistant Professor
Craig Stockwell, Professor
Marinus Otte, Professor
Kimberly Booth, Assistant Professor
Mary Jo Kenyon, Senior Lecturer
Jeff Kittilson, Research Specialist
Polly Olson, Academic Advisor
Dawn Ihle, Lab Coordinator
Julia Bowsher, Associate Professor
Page Klug, Affiliated Graduate Faculty
Erin Gillam, Professor
Angela Hodgson, Associate Professor
Lisa Montplaisir, Professor of Biological Sciences

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