Academic Programs

Admission to the programs offered in Biological Sciences occurs through the NDSU Admissions Office for undergraduate programs and the Graduate School for graduate programs. 

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate biology majors in our department can choose from multiple emphases. Biological Sciences offers students high-quality courses and hands-on research experience.  With a major in Biological Science, students can have an emphasis in Biomedical Science, Ecology and Conservation Science, and Environmental Science.  Students can also major in Biological Sciences Education and Comprehensive Science Education.

Graduate Program

The Department of Biological Sciences is an excellent place to pursue your advanced degree because we offer both Masters and PhD degrees in a wide variety of inter and intra-disciplinary programs.  Our graduates go on to successful careers in the sciences, academics, industry, health professions, government agencies, and private business. 

The Department offers programs leading to a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Biology. The department also participates in inter-disciplinary programs in Natural Resource ManagementEnvironmental and Conservation SciencesGenomicsCellular and Molecular Biology and STEM Education.

Why Study Biology at NDSU?


Our program provides a hands-on experience in biological research and focuses on student experience and interests.  Our students finish their degrees well prepared to excel in tomorrow’s careers.  NDSU students have access and to:

  • State-of-the-Art Classrooms and Labs

  • Hands-on Learning

  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Classes are innovative and student-centered. You’ll conduct research using cutting-edge techniques in microbiology, ecology, genomics and behavior.

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