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Research Interests

Chemical signaling pathways and hormone multi-functionality. I use Rainbow trout as a model system to resolve two disparate actions of growth hormone: the anabolic action of growth promotion and the catabolic action of stored lipid breakdown (lipolysis).

Why She Came to NDSU Biological Sciences:

I chose to stay at NDSU because of the connections and resources available. I had already met and interacted with some faculty and staff in the Department of Biological Science. Many of their research interests matched my own. Additionally, the people in the department were easy to get in touch with and were willing and enthusiastic to help me, whatever my question. Besides the people, the resources in or connected to the Department of Biological Sciences kept me here. I felt that I would be able to efficiently and fruitfully pursue my doctorate here with the funding, equipment, and technology available.

Future Plans: 

After graduating from NDSU, I will be moving to the University of Nebraska- Lincoln for a postdoctoral fellowship position in Biology Education Research. This field combines my two passions teaching and research. I developed these interests from encouragement by my graduate committee and from the diverse opportunities afforded to me by NDSU. While I was pursuing my scientific content understanding, I was also exposed scientific teaching (i.e., teaching that utilizes methods that have been research and empirically shown to best facilitate learning). These experiences have shifted my research interest to trying to understand how students think and learn in order to better prepare future scientists, teachers, politicians, and citizens.


Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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