Fulbright Specialist Award

Dr. Marinus Otte received a Fulbright Specialist Award as announced by the U.S. Department of State and the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board on August 4, 2021.

2021 Inspiring Teacher

Dr. Kimberly Booth received recognition as an inspiring teacher at NDSU. Through her focus on active learning in the classroom, Booth encourages students to continually look for science-based information, seek their own answers and become life-long learners.

2021 Award Recipients

Julia Bowsher has been named recipient of NDSU's Fred Waldron Research Award.

Kimberly Booth has been named recipient of NDSU's Peltier Award for Teaching Excellence.

2021 Promotions

Dr. Jennifer Momsen has been promoted to full professor.

Dr. Angela Hodgson has been promoted to full professor of practice.

Dr. Laura Aldrich-Wolfe has been promoted to associate professor.

Dr. Jill Hamilton has been promoted to associate professor.

Hamilton Lab Poplar Common Garden

Check out these links to learn more about Dr. Jill Hamilton's Poplar Common Garden research.

Featured article by NDSU Research and Creative Activity

Featured article in The Spectator, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

2020 Inspiring Teacher

Dr. Steve Travers has received recognition as an inspiring biology teacher at NDSU.  He is dedicated to guiding his students in the use of the scientific method and critical thinking skills when studying the natural world.

2020 Promotions

Dr. Erin Gillam has been promoted to full professor.

Dr. Jenni Momsen has been named Director of the STEM Education Ph.D. program

Dr. Katie Reindl has been named Director of the Cellular and Molecular Biology Ph.D. program.

Research Funding Grants Received

Dr. Laura Aldrich-Wolfe was awarded a NSF grant, "EAGER: Spillover of coffee diseases into forest ecosystems and consequences for forest plant communities."

Dr. Jenni Momsen was awarded a NSF grant, "Collaborative Research: Systems thinking in undergraduate biology."

Dr. Katie Reindl was awarded NIH funding to study "GSTP1 as a Therapeutic Target for Pancreatic Cancer."

Greives Lab

The Greives lab’s research increases understanding of how animals respond to both environmental and internal cues that influence changes in their physiology and behavior to promote reproductive success. This previous spring Michelle Eshleman (MS student) and Esther Morales-Vega (PhD student) completed a successful field season investigating the relationship between migration distance, physiological measures, and reproductive fitness of red-winged blackbirds in collaboration with the USDA. Holland Galante (PhD student) completed her first field season investigating reproductive hormone levels, daily behavioral rhythms, and reproductive success of great tits in Seewiesen, Germany as part of an NSF funded project in collaboration with colleagues at the Max Planck Institute of Ornithology. Lab members presented their work at many conferences including those hosted by the American Ornithological Society, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, and the National Sunflower Association. In our local community, our lab provided demonstrations to Minnesota State University Moorhead students on how to mist net, safely handle, band, and take measurements from songbirds at Buffalo River State Park. Lab members are also involved with volunteering for the Bring a Scientist to School program in which they share their research with local fifth grade students.

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