2020-2021 INBRE funded Biological Sciences Students

Maryam Al-Kaabi

Maryam Al-Kaabi is working on quantitative
real-time PCR to characterize tumor conditioned
pericytes in Dr. Jiha Kim’s lab.

Marian Taiwo

Marian Taiwo conducting research in
Steve Travers’ lab. Marian was the spring
commencement speaker.


Twyla Gross

Twyla Gross, an accelerated BS/MS student,
is examining differences in RNA expression
between male and female leopard geckos
incubated at different temperatures using 
RNAseq data in Dr. Matt Smith's lab.

Elena Lister

Elena Linster loading protein gels in
Dr. Katie Reindl’s cancer cell biology lab.

Karlee Spartz

Karlee Spartz is assisting on a
Chemical Ecology Project looking
at digital video capture of fish behavior,
assessing repeatability of behavioral

Emily Kotten

Emily Kotten has been working in Dr. Page Klug's lab, studying bird use of hemp fields (left) and seed preference (hemp, sunflower, millet) in brown-headed cowbirds and red-winged blackbirds.

2020 Undergraduate Research

Emily Kotten is working on a research project to assess bird activity in agricultural hemp fields.  She is particularly interested in finding out of seed-eating birds show a preference for hemp seeds over other agricultural seed crops.

Madison Fuelner is assisting with a research project that is assessing the effectiveness of bioacoustics programs for monitoring amphibian populations.

Undergraduate Research in Biological Sciences

Undergraduates Elizabeth Rono and Twyla Gross, from Dr. Matthew Smith's lab, are starting the second generation of a Leopard gecko project examining the potential effects of global climate change on a species with temperature-sex determination (TSD). The last juvenile of the first year of breeding hatched out August and Elizabeth presented the first year of egg data at the NDSU EXPLORE conference in April.

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