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  Malcolm G. Butler

  Department of Biological Sciences
  North Dakota State University
  Fargo, North Dakota 58108-5517
  Phone: 701 231 7398
  Fax: 701 231 7149

Current Position
Professor, Department of Biological Science
North Dakota State University

Ph.D. (Zoology) 1980 University of Michigan
M.S. (Zoology) 1976 University of Michigan
B.S. (Zoology with Honors) 1973 University of Massachusetts

Research Interests
My research emphasizes the nature and functional roles of both invertebrate and vertebrate communities in aquatic ecosystems, primarily lakes and wetlands. I am also interested in the biology of the Chironomidae, especially the genus Chironomus.

Since 2009, I have focused primarily on ecological studies of invertebrate communities in ponds and shallow lakes on the Arctic Coastal Plain near Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow), Alaska. The following people have joined or assisted me in this research:
•    Daniel C. McEwen – Co-PI
•    Shane D. Braegelman – PhD student
•    Alec R. Lackmann – PhD student
•    Todd Sformo – collaborator
•    Richard Lanctot – collaborator
•    Bryan & Laura Thomas – hosts/collaborators
•    Field assistants: Nok Ackers (2007), Dustin Peterson (2010), Eric Herman (2011), Logan Dopp (2013), Kevin Cortes (2015), Ewelina Bielak (2015&16)

We greatly appreciate the following for providing logistical and/or funding support for this work:
•    Barrow Arctic Science Consortium (2006-2011)
•    North Slope Borough – Department of Wildlife Management
•    Utqiaġvik Inupiat Corporation
•    National Fish & Wildlife Foundation – Alaska Fish & Wildlife Fund (2009-2014)
•    Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (2011-2018)

Recent publications from our arctic work:

McEwen, D.C. and M.G. Butler. 2018. Growing-season temperature change across four decades in an arctic tundra pond. Arctic (in press).
Butler, M.G. and S.D. Braegelman. 2018. Pre-emergence growth and development in the arctic midge Trichotanypus alaskensis Brundin. Journal of Limnology (in review).
Lackmann, A.R. and M.G. Butler. 2018. Breaking the Rule: Five larval instars in the podonomine midge Trichotanypus alaskensis Brundin from Barrow, Alaska. Journal of Limnology (in review).
Lougheed, V.L., M.G. Butler, D.C. McEwen, and J.E. Hobbie. 2011. Changes in tundra pond limnology: Re-sampling Alaskan ponds after 40 years. Ambio 40:589-599.
Oppel, S., A.N. Powell, and M.G. Butler. 2011. King Eider foraging effort during the pre-breeding period in Alaska. The Condor, 113:52-60.

Publications from earlier research are listed on Research Gate:

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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