Research Interests

Plant Evolutionary Genomics: Understanding how genomic and environmental variation interact to influence traits important to climate adaptation. I combine genomic tools with traditional quantitative genetics and field experiments to inform genetic conservation and management strategies in natural and managed plant populations.

Biological Timing: My research examines how genetic and environmental variation interacts to influence the expression of traits important to climate adaptation.  This includes teasing apart the influence of different seasonal environmental cues on the expression of traits important to health and survival during life history transitions for natural and managed plant populations. I use genomic tools alongside common garden and controlled chamber experiments to study the influence of these cues on biological timing.  This research aims to make predictions of population response to changing cues for use in conservation and management guidelines.

Recent Publications

Di Santo, L.N.**, Polgar, M.*, Nies, S.*, Hodgkiss, P., Canning, C.A., Wright, J.W. and J.A. Hamilton (In Revision) Seed morphology and emergence variability in a conservation collection of Pinus torreyana. 

Sullivan, L. L., Portlas, Z. M.*, and J. A. Hamilton (In Revision) Local climate and habitat continuity interact to alter contemporary dispersal potential. Preprint Available.

Di Santo, L, N.** and J. A. Hamilton (2020) Environmental and geographic data optimize ex situ collections and the preservation of adaptive evolutionary potential. Conservation Biology.
Yoko, Z.**, Volk, K.*, Dochtermann, N., and J. A. Hamilton (2020) The importance of quantitative trait differentiation in restoration: landscape heterogeneity and functional traits inform seed transfer guidelines. AOB Plants. **Special Issue on The Ecology and Genetics of Population Differentiation in Plants**

Hamilton, J.A., Flint, S., Lindstrom, J.**, Volk, K.**, Shaw, R., and M. Aherling (2020) Evolutionary approaches to seed sourcing for grassland restorations. New Phytologist 225: 2246-2248.

Martinez-Berdeja, A., Hamilton, J.A., Bontemps, A., Schmitt, J., and J.W. Wright (2019) Evidence for population differentiation among Jeffrey and Ponderosa pines in survival, growth and phenology. Forest Ecology and Management. 434: 40-48.

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