Meet the Biological Sciences Featured Undergraduates!

Tanner Anderson, Bowsher Lab


Meet Tanner Anderson, who is a senior from Bismarck North Dakota.  Tanner is majoring in Biology and Anthropology and is working in the Dr. Julia Bowsher lab. In the Bowsher lab, Tanner is researching the transcriptomic regulation of temperature stress in solitary bees.  His work will help us understand why bees exposed to brief warming periods are able to survive long-term cold stress. During his time in the Bowsher lab, in collaboration with the USDA, Tanner has gained valuable skills in bioinformatics. Tanner has also gained research experience in Anthropology working with Dr. Kristin Fellows at the Fargo brothel site. He is an active member of the Wildlife Society.  Following graduation, Tanner will utilize the skills he has gained in both Biological Sciences and Anthropology as a PhD student at the University of Oregon where he will utilize his bioinformatics skills to study human evolution and differential gene expression in the brain.

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