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Viewing Mid-term Grades

As an early intervention effort to improve retention and academic progress of students, instructors are encouraged to enter deficient mid-term grades of D and F, at minimum, in undergraduate courses. Notifications are sent to students with reported deficient mid-term grades and to academic departments/advisers. For all courses, mid-term progress reports shall be made available to students upon request. Mid-term grades are not considered official grades and do not appear on student academic transcripts.Adviser holds may be placed on students who have one or more reported deficient mid-term grades.

Timeline of events and important dates related to this process:

Note: Courses shorter than the full semester are not included in Mid-term grading, and have variable drop deadlines. Instructors are still encouraged to provide progress reports to students mid-way through short courses.

Instructions for Viewing Mid-term Grades in Campus Connection:

Special Notes for Mid-term Grading

  1. Instructors were asked to enter, at minimum, deficient grades at mid-term for undergraduate students. If no grades appear, it either means that you are not in deficient status in any enrolled course, OR the instructor did not enter mid-term grades into Campus Connection.

  2. Mid-term grades are not official grades and do not appear on student transcripts.

  3. Some instructors will also make mid-term grades available on Blackboard.

  4. Some instructors may choose to enter all mid-term grades for courses (not just deficient grades).

  5. Mid-term grades are based on how students are doing approximately half way through the semester. They may not necessarily reflect 50% of graded work completed or required for a course, and do not guarantee a final grade for a class. Some classes are being graded on an end-of-term curve, which may not be reflected in mid-term grades.

  6. Questions about academic standing in a class should be directed to course instructors.

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