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These requirements apply to all NDSU students in pursuit of a baccalaureate degree. Only courses approved by the General Education Committee and Faculty Senate may fulfill category requirements.

Total Required General Education Credits = 40 Credits*

*The General Education core is 40 credits for students enrolling at NDSU Fall 2007 and later (39 credits for students who transfer 24 or more semester credits). Students who enrolled prior to Fall 2007 must complete a 37-credit general education core (36 credits if 24 or more semester credits were transferred). Some programs of study require additional or specific general education requirements. Consult your curriculum guide or adviser.

First Year Experience Course (F) — 1 Credit

  • A first-year experience course is required of all new students who transfer fewer than 24 semester credits to NDSU.
Also Approved
UNIV 189*Skills for Academic Success 1++

* also offered by departments under the following prefixes: ABEN, AGRI, BUSN, HD&E, ME, NURS, and PHRM

CATEGORY 1: Communication (C) — 12 Credits*

*(9 credits if enrollment is prior to Fall 2007)

Also Approved
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking3+++ 
COMM 111Honors Public Speaking3
Nine Credits must be in Writing, three at the Upper-Level*:
ENGL 110College Composition I3++ 
or ENGL 111Honors Composition I3  
or ENGL 112ESL College Composition I4++ 
ENGL 120College Composition II3+++ 
or ENGL 121Honors Composition II3+ 
or ENGL 122ESL Composition II4++ 

*(Please consult the English 110-120 Placement Guidelines)

Upper-Level Writing:
ENGL 320Business and Professional Writing3+++ 
ENGL 321Writing in the Technical Professions3+++ 
ENGL 322Creative Writing I3+++ 
ENGL 323Creative Writing II3+ 
ENGL 324Writing in the Sciences3+++ 
ENGL 325Writing in the Health Professions3+++ 
ENGL 326Writing in the Design Professions3+
ENGL 357Visual Culture and Language3++ 
ENGL 358Writing in the Humanities/Social Sciences3+++ 
ENGL 459Research and Writing Grant Proposals3++ 
FREN 360Studies in Language & Style3
HIST 390Historical Research and Writing3++
MICR 354Scientific Writing3 
PHIL 450Metaphysics3+
PHIL 451Epistemology3+
SPAN 401Advanced Spanish Writing and Grammar3+

CATEGORY 2: Quantitative Reasoning (R) — 3 Credits

Also Approved
CSCI 122Beginning BASIC/Visual BASIC3+++ 
CSCI 125Beginning COBOL3+ 
CSCI 159Computer Science Problem Solving3+++ 
MATH 104Finite Mathematics3+++ 
MATH 146Applied Calculus I4+++ 
MATH 165Calculus I4+++ 
PHIL 257Traditional Logic3+++ 
STAT 330Introductory Statistics3+++ 
Known Quantitative Reasoning Equivalencies*:
MATH 144Mathematics for Business4+++
MATH 147Applied Calculus II4+ 
MATH 166Calculus II4+++ 
MATH 200+*Any 200-level course or higher 

*General education requirements can be met by successful completion of an advanced course in the same department with comparable course content to a lower division general education course.

CATEGORY 3: Science & Technology (S) — 10 Credits

  • At least four credits must be in natural or physical sciences.
  • A one-credit lab must be taken as a co-requisite with a general education science/technology course unless the course includes an embedded lab experience equivalent to a one-credit course.
Natural Science (Sn):
Also Approved
BIOL 111Concepts of Biology3+++ 
BIOL 111LConcepts of Biology Lab1+++
BIOL 124Environmental Science3++ Global (G)
BIOL 124LEnvironmental Science Lab 1+Global (G)
BIOL/ZOO 126Human Biology3+++ 
BIOL/ZOO 126LHuman Biology Laboratory1+++
BIOL 220Human Anatomy & Physiology I3+++ 
BIOL 220LHuman Anatomy & Physiology I Lab1++
BIOL/BOT/PLSC/ZOO 315Genetics3++
BIOL/BOT/PLSC/ZOO 315LGenetics Lab1++
ENT 210Insects, Humans, & the Environment3 
HON 342Colloquium in the Sciences3+
MICR 202Intro Microbiology2+++ 
MICR 202LIntro Microbiology Lab1+++
NRM/RNG 225Natural Resources & Agro-ecosystems3+
Global (G)
PLSC 110World Food Crops/Lab3++Global (G)
PLSC 111Genetics and You2+ 
PLSC 210Horticulture Science3+  
PLSC 211Horticulture Science Lab1+
SOIL 217Intro to Meteorology & Climatology3+ 
Physical Science (Sp):
CHEM 117Chemical Concepts & Applications3++ 
CHEM 117LChemical Concepts & Applications Lab1++
CHEM 121General Chemistry I3+++ 
CHEM 121LGeneral Chemistry I Lab1+++
CHEM 122General Chemistry II3+++ 
CHEM 122LGeneral Chemistry II Lab1+++
GEOL 105Physical Geology3++Global (G)
GEOL 105LPhysical Geology Lab1+Global (G)
GEOL 106The Earth Through Time3+Global (G)
GEOL 106LThe Earth Through Time Lab1+Global (G)
GEOL 107L¹Eastern North Dakota Field Course1+ 
HNES 250²Nutrition Science3+++
PHYS 110Introductory Astronomy3+ 
PHYS 110LIntroductory Astronomy Lab1+
PHYS 120Fundamentals of Physics3++ 
PHYS 120LFundamentals of Physics Lab1++
PHYS 211College Physics I3+++  
PHYS 211LCollege Physics I Lab1+++
PHYS 212College Physics II3++ 
PHYS 212LCollege Physics II Lab1++
PHYS 220Physics for Designers3
UNIV 150Foundations of Science3+
UNIV 151Science and Society3+Global (G)

¹ GEOL 107L may be taken as a co-requisite lab if taken with GEOL 105 or GEOL 106.
² HNES 250 may be used for Category 5b: Wellness if taken in addition to the 10 credits required in Science & Technology. It may not be counted in more than one category.

Known Physical Science Equivalencies*:
CHEM 150Principles of Chemistry I3+ 
CHEM 151Principles of Chemistry II3+ 
CHEM 160Principles of Chemistry I Lab1+
CHEM 161Principles of Chemistry II Lab1+
PHYS 251University Physics I4++
PHYS 251LUniversity Physics I Lab1++
PHYS 252University Physics II4+++ 
PHYS 252LUniversity Physics II Lab1++

*General education requirements can be met by successful completion of an advanced course in the same department with comparable course content to a lower division general education course.

Technology (St):
CSCI 114Microcomputer Packages3+++ 
or CSCI 116Business Use of Computers4+++ 

CATEGORY 4: Humanities & Fine Arts (A) — 6 Credits

  • No more than 3 of the 6 credits may be in fine arts performance.
Also Approved
ADHM 310History of Fashion3+ 
ADHM 315History of Interiors I3++  
ADHM 316History of Interiors II3++ 
ADHM 410Dress in World Cultures3+++Diversity (D)
ADHM 411Food and World Cultures3+++Diversity (D)
ARB 101First-Year Arabic I4+ Global (G)
ARB 102First-Year Arabic II4+Global (G)
ARB 201Second-Year Arabic I3+Diversity (D)
ARCH 321History of Architecture I3+ Global (G)
ARCH 322History of Architecture II3+ 
ART 110Introduction to the Visual Arts3+++
Diversity (D)
ART 111Introduction to the Art History3+Global (G)
ART 210Art History I3+  
ART 211Art History II3+ 
CLAS 101First-Year Latin I4+  
CLAS 151First-Year Greek I4  
ENGL 220Introduction to Literature3++ 
ENGL 225Introduction to Film3++ 
ENGL 231The Bible as Literature3+Global (G)
ENGL 315British Literature I3+ 
ENGL 316British Literature II3+ 
ENGL 317American Literature I3 
ENGL 318American Literature II3+ 
ENGL 330British/American Women Writers3+Diversity (D)
ENGL 335Multicultural Writers3+Diversity (D)
ENGL 336Literature and the Environment3+Global (G)
ENGL 34019th Century American Fiction3 +Diversity (D)
ENGL 34120th Century American Fiction3Diversity (D)
ENGL 345Themes in American Culture3 +Diversity (D)
ENGR 311History of Technology in America3++ 
ENVD 101Introduction to Environmental Design3++ 
FREN 101First-Year French I4++ Global (G)
FREN 102First-Year French II4++Global (G)
FREN 201*Second-Year French I3+ Diversity (D)
FREN 345Women in French Literature3 Diversity (D)
GERM 101First-Year German I4+Global (G)
GERM 102First-Year German II4+Global (G)
GERM 201*Second-Year German I3+ Diversity (D)
GERM 220German Culture and Society3+Global (G)
HIST 101Western Civilization I3+  
HIST 102Western Civilization II3+ 
HIST 103U.S. to 18773+++ 
HIST 104U.S. since 18773+++ 
HIST 135Race in U.S. History3+Diversity (D)
HIST 261American Indian History3Diversity (D)
HIST 271Introduction to Latin American History3+ +Diversity (D)
HIST 381Australia & New Zealand3Global (G)
HIST 431The North American Plains3+Diversity (D)
HON 340Colloquium in the Humanities3++
HON 386World Literature: Imaginary Homelands3+Diversity (D)
LA 322History of Landscape Architecture4+ 
MUSC 100Music Appreciation3+++ 
MUSC 103Introduction to Music History3+ 
MUSC 108Roots of American Popular Music3+++Diversity (D)
PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy3+++ 
PHIL 111Professional Responsibility & Ethics3++
PHIL 215Contemporary Moral Issues3+++Diversity (D)
PHIL 216Business Ethics3+++
RELS 100Introduction to Religion3++ 
SPAN 101First-Year Spanish I4++ Global (G)
SPAN 102First-Year Spanish II4++Global (G)
SPAN 201*Second-Year Spanish I3+ Diversity (D)
THEA 110Introduction to Theatre Arts3+ 
THEA 115World Film3+++Diversity (D)
THEA 280World Theatre3+Diversity (D)
WGS 110Introduction to Women's Studies3+++Diversity (D)
WGS 112Introduction to Masculinities3+++Diversity (D)

*FREN/GERM/SPAN 201 prior to Fall 2005 count as Global Perspectives.

Fine Arts Performance:
  • Any performance courses must be in addition to those required for the student's major.
ART 130Drawing I3++ 
THEA 161Acting I3++ 

CATEGORY 5a: Social & Behavioral Sciences (B) — 6 Credits

Also Approved
ADHM 486Dress & Human Behavior3++ 
ANTH 111Introduction to Anthropology3++Diversity (D)
COMM 112Understanding Media/Social Change3+++ 
COMM 114Human Communication3+++ 
COMM 212Interpersonal Communication3+++ 
COMM 216Intercultural Communication3+++Diversity (D)
ECON 105Elements of Economics3+++Global (G)
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics3+++Global (G)
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics3+++Global (G)
EMGT 101Emergencies, Disasters, and Catastrophes3++
ENGR 312Impact of Technology on Society3++Global (G)
GEOG 151Human Geography3++Global (G)
GEOG 161World Regional Geography3++ +Global (G)
HDFS 135Family Science3+++
HDFS 186Consumer & Society3++
HDFS 230Life Span Development3+++
HDFS 475Children & Families Across Cultures3+++Diversity (D)
HON 341Colloquium in the Social Sciences3
INTL 110Introduction to International Studies3+Global (G)
POLS 110Introduction to Political Science3+++ 
POLS 115American Government3+++ 
POLS 120Terrorism3+Global (G)
POLS 220International Politics3+++Global (G)
PSYC 111Introduction to Psychology3+++ 
PSYC 210Human Sexuality3+++ 
PSYC 211Introduction to Behavior Modification3+++ 
PSYC 212Psychological Aspects of Drug Use and Abuse3++ 
PSYC 214Social Interaction3++ 
PSYC 221Psychology at Work3+
PSYC 250Developmental Psychology3+++ 
PSYC 270Abnormal Psychology3+++ 
SOC 110Introduction to Sociology3+++ 
SOC 235Cultural Diversity3+++Diversity (D)
SOC 412Sociology of Gender3+++Diversity (D)

CATEGORY 5b: Social & Behavioral Sciences—Wellness (W) — 2 Credits

  • At least two credits must be taken from the following list
  • Required is a social/behavioral science course that integrates at least two areas of lifelong wellness: emotional well-being, nutrition, physical activity, and psychological development.
Also Approved
HDFS 182Wellness and Aging3+
HDFS 242Couples, Marriages, and Families3+++
HNES 100Concepts of Fitness & Wellness2+++ 
HNES 111Wellness3+++ 
HNES 200Principles of Nutrition3+++ 
HNES 217Personal & Community Health3++ 
HNES 250*Nutrition Science3+++

*The Wellness requirement may also be satisfied with HNES 250: Nutrition Science from Category 3: Science & Technology. However, it may only fulfill Wellness if taken in addition to the 10 credits required in Science & Technology. It may not be counted in more than one category.

CATEGORY 6: Cultural Diversity (D)

  • This requirement may be met by 3 credits taken in any department as part of the 40 credits required for general education in a course approved for cultural diversity.
Also Approved
ADHM 410Dress in World Cultures3+++Humanities/Arts (A)
ADHM 411Food and World Cultures3+++Humanities/Arts (A)
ANTH 111Introduction to Anthropology3++Social/Behavioral (B)
ARB 201Second-Year Arabic I3+Humanities/Arts (A)
ART 110Introduction to the Visual Arts3+++Humanities/Arts (A)
COMM 216Intercultural Communication3+++Social/Behavioral (B)
ENGL 330British/American Women Writers3+Humanities/Arts (A)
ENGL 335Multicultural Writers3+ Humanities/Arts (A)
ENGL 34019th Century American Fiction3 +Humanities/Arts (A)
ENGL 34120th Century American Fiction3Humanities/Arts (A)
ENGL 345Themes in American Culture3 +Humanities/Arts (A)
FREN 201Second-Year French II3+ Humanities/Arts (A)
FREN 345Women in French Literature3+ Humanities/Arts (A)
GERM 201Second-Year German I3+Humanities/Arts (A)
HDFS 475Children & Families Across Cultures3+++Social/Behavioral (B)
HIST 135Race in U.S. History3+Humanities/Arts (A)
HIST 261American Indian History3Humanities/Arts (A)
HIST 271Introduction to Latin American History3+ +Humanities/Arts (A)
HIST 431The North American Plains3+Humanities/Arts (A)
HON 386World Literature: Imaginary Homelands3+Humanities/Arts (A)
MUSC 108Roots of American Popular Music3+++Humanities/Arts (A)
PHIL 215Contemporary Moral Issues3+++Humanities/Arts (A)
SOC 235Cultural Diversity3+++Social/Behavioral (B)
SOC 412Sociology of Gender3+++Social/Behavioral (B)
SPAN 201Second-Year Spanish I3+Humanities/Arts (A)
THEA 115World Film3+++Humanities/Arts (A)
THEA 280World Theatre3+Humanities/Arts (A)
WGS 110Introduction to Women's Studies3+++Humanities/Arts (A)
WGS 112Introduction to Masculinities3+++Humanities/Arts (A)

CATEGORY 7: Global Perspectives (G)

  • This requirement may be met by 3 credits taken in any department as part of the 40 credits required for general education in a course approved for global perspectives.
Also Approved
ARB 101First-Year Arabic I4+Humanities/Arts (A)
ARB 102First-Year Arabic II4+Humanities/Arts (A)
ARCH 321History of Architecture I3+Humanities/Arts (A)
ART 111Introduction to the Art History3Humanities/Arts (A)
BIOL 124Environmental Science3++Science/Tech (S)
BIOL 124LEnvironmental Science Lab1+Science/Tech (S)
ECON 105Elements of Economics3+++Social/Behavioral (B)
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics3+++Social/Behavioral (B)
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics3+++Social/Behavioral (B)
ENGL 231The Bible as Literature3+Humanities/Arts (A)
ENGL 336Literature and the Environment3+Humanities/Arts (A)
ENGR 312Impact of Technology on Society3++Social/Behavioral (B)
FREN 101First-Year French I4++Humanities/Arts (A)
FREN 102First-Year French II4++Humanities/Arts (A)
GEOG 151Human Geography3+Social/Behavioral (B)
GEOG 161World Regional Geography3++ Social/Behavioral (B)
GEOL 105Physical Geology3++Science/Tech (S)
GEOL 105LPhysical Geology Lab1+Science/Tech (S)
GEOL 106The Earth Through Time3+Science/Tech (S)
GEOL 106LThe Earth Through Time Lab1+Science/Tech (S)
GERM 101First-Year German I4+Humanities/Arts (A)
GERM 102First-Year German II4Humanities/Arts (A)
GERM 220German Culture and Society3Humanities/Arts (A)
HIST 381Australia & New Zealand3Humanities/Arts (A)
INTL 110Introduction to International Studies3+Social/Behavioral (B)
NRM/RNG 225Natural Resources & Agro-ecosystems3+Science/Tech (S)
PLSC 110World Food Crops/Lab3++Science/Tech (S)
POLS 120Terrorism3+Social/Behavioral (B)
POLS 220International Politics3+++Social/Behavioral (B)
SPAN 101First-Year Spanish I4++ Humanities/Arts (A)
SPAN 102First-Year Spanish II4++Humanities/Arts (A)
UNIV 151Science and Society3+Science/Tech (S)

CATEGORY 8: Communication Activities in Upper-Division Major Courses

CATEGORY 9: Comprehension of Personal and Professional Ethics Integrated into Majors

CATEGORY 10: Capstone Experience in All Majors

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