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TLAB Default Funding Box

In some instances payroll might be processed with funding other than what is presented in the TLAB Default Funding Box.

We have been made aware that in limited situations timeslip payroll has not been charged to the default funding as shown in TLAB.  This has resulted in retros being submitted to move the payroll where it belongs.

When we received the first retros, a help ticket was submitted to CTS and they confirmed that the default funding box will always show the most current default funding.   In certain instances, the funding displayed may not be the same as the default funding that the system will actually use to charge payroll for a given employee.

We are aware of the following instances when this might be an issue:

  •       A timeslip employee is changed from one position to another and the positions have different default funding
  •      The default funding on a timeslip pool is changed

Payroll 101 forms and Funding Change forms utilize an effective date, but the TLAB timesheet default funding box will reflect the most current default funding based upon when the change was processed, regardless of the effective date.

See TLAB Default Funding Box on the Resources and Job Aids page for more detailed information on system resources to help you identify these situations and avoid future retros.

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