FY20 Budget Notice

Budget tips for the beginning of the new fiscal year.

FY20 Funding Sources - Departments should run Funding Summary Report to help proof the funding sources that are currently set up to be used for payroll for all employees. Instructions on how to run the report can be on the Budget Office Resources and Job Aid page.

Once the report has been run please review the following for accura

  • Combination code
  • Budget Amount or Distribution Amount
  • Position and Title if run for Position Level
  • Employee ID and Name if run for Appointment Level

If the funding showing on the report is not correct please submit a Funding Change form. Remember that if the funding is not corrected before payroll posts to the General Ledger your department will need to complete a Retroactive Distribution form in addition to the Funding Change form. Employees in the 8000 & 9000 job band may need to have the funding override functionality utilized instead of the Funding Change form. Please contact Carol in the Budget Office with questions on funding for positions in the 8000 & 9000 job bands.

The Funding Change form and Retroactive Distribution form can be found under the Budget Office on the Forms page.


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