Center for Enterprise Business Analytics

The Center for Enterprise Business Analytics (CEBA) at NDSU’s College of Business promotes research, education, and industry engagement that advances our understanding of business analytics and the role data play in decision-making.

Enterprise systems in today’s modern organizations produce large amounts of data that create unprecedented opportunities and challenges for generating business analytics. In addition, organizations gather “big data” from many other sources including autonomous robots, blockchain applications, RFID, social media, smart devices on the Internet of Things, and various other mobile devices. Understanding and applying cutting-edge data analytics tools and methodologies is critical for leveraging the data produced by these platforms and systems.

Goals of the Center

1. Engage in scholarly research related to enterprise systems, other data-generating technologies, and business analytics. Research activities supported by the center are broad in scope, including research related to the adoption, use, and impact of enterprise systems and other data-generating technologies, applied research using business analytics techniques, and research developing business analytics theory and methods.
2. Develop undergraduate, graduate, and professional educational programs that advance our understanding of enterprise systems and business analytics for managerial decision making.
3. Promote the use of enterprise business analytics within organizations, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in North Dakota and the Upper Midwest to further economic growth in the region.

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