Faculty Research

Margaret (Peggy) Andersen, PhD

Professor of Accounting

Accounting/Ethics Research

Scott Beaulier, PhD

Dean, Professor of Economics

Policies, Institutions, and Economic Outcomes

John Bitzan, PhD

Associate Dean, Professor of Management

Transportation Economics and Policy

Raj Bridgelall, PhD

Assistant Professor of Transportation and Logistics

Intelligent Transportation Solutions

Linlin Chai, PhD

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Intra- and Inter-Business Relationships

Jeffrey (Jun) Chen, PhD

Assistant Professor of Finance

 Corporate Bonds and Financial Derivatives Research

Thomas D. Dowdell, Jr., PhD

Professor and Chair of Accounting

Financial Reporting Research

Yongtao (David) Hong, PhD

Associate Professor of Accounting

Financial Accounting & Auditing Research

Fariz Huseynov, PhD

Associate Professor of Finance

Empirical Corporate Finance Research

Bonnie Klamm, PhD, CPA

Professor of Accounting

Accounting Research

Derek Lehmberg, PhD

MBA Program Director, Associate Professor of Management

Strategy and International Business Research

Jin Li, PhD

Associate Professor of Marketing 

Industrial Marketing and Business-Business Relationship Research

Pan Lu, PhD

Associate Professor of Transportation and Logistics

Smart Transportation System and Data Science

Gerry Macintosh, PhD

Professor of Marketing

Sales and Services Management Research

Joshua Marineau, PhD

Assistant Professor of Management

Organizational Behavior Research

Tim O. Peterson, PhD

Professor of Management

Discovery, Applied, and Teaching & Learning Scholarship

Fred Riggins, PhD

Director, Center for Enterprise Business Analytics; Professor of MIS

Information Systems Research

Joseph G. Szmerekovsky, PhD

Chair and Professor of Transportation and Logistics

Supply Chain Management, Project Management, and Data Analytics

Ruilin Tian, PhD

Associate Professor of Finance

Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) Research

Vishal Uppala, PhD

Assistant Professor of MIS

Social Media and Business Intelligence

Kimberly Vachal, PhD

Associate Professor, Transportation & Logistics
Program Director, Traffic Safety & Ag Freight Centers

Transportation Program and Policy Research

Newell D. Wright, PhD

Professor of Marketing & International Business

Customer Satisfaction & Marketing Pedagogy