Fariz Huseynov, PhD

Associate Professor 


Empirical Corporate Finance Research

To allocate capital efficiently in a market-based economy, we need to understand the financing and investment decisions made by the management of companies in pursuit of corporate goals. This need has grown further in the aftermath of the 2008-2009 financial crisis that has had a colossal impact on global economy. Dr. Huseynov’s research focuses on the issues related to the factors impacting corporate decisions and their implications on financial markets. He has specifically studied the determinants of corporate tax avoidance, accounting manipulations, and capital structure decisions and their impact on corporate performance. 

Currently, in one of his studies, Huseynov examines corporate tax avoidance behavior around the financial crisis. This research contributes to the debate on whether shareholders benefit from corporate tax avoidance and how financial crisis influences corporate policies. In a separate project, he examines the financing decisions of firms when they are investing in uncertain growth opportunities. Dr. Huseynov’s main goal is to learn why firms deviate from well-known theories of capital structure and issue the “wrong” securities. Answering this question will help us bridge the gap between different theories and practice. In an inter-disciplinary study, he investigates whether strong brand reputation can limit accounting manipulations which allows him to apply his research to the marketing discipline.  

Dr. Huseynov’s work has been published in journals such as Journal of Corporate Finance, Financial Management, International Review of Economics and Finance and received about 200 citations. He presented his work in various international and regional academic conferences, including annual meetings of Financial Management Association. He is also periodically invited to peer-review papers submitted to various journals, including Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Business Research.

Besides working on research, Dr. Huseynov enjoys teaching and mentoring students. He is a faculty adviser for the NDSU’s student managed investment fund where students apply their classwork into real world settings via managing a portfolio of about $1.3 million assets. He works with the CFA Society of Minnesota to keep up with the current industry practices and promote NDSU’s program. Huseynov also occasionally shares his views through various media programs in Azerbaijan to contribute to the development of his country of origin.  

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