Vishal Uppala, PhD

Assistant Professor

Management Information Systems

Social Media & Business Intelligence

Vishal’s research interests are in the topic areas of business intelligence and analytics (BI&A), data mining, healthcare information technology, machine learning, and social media platforms. He sees tremendous utility in employing multiple paradigms and methods in research. In his research, he strives to investigate novel information technologies associated with artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Vishal’s research focuses on theorizing and examining the social media phenomena. He is analyzing the users' social media narratives, exploring the outcomes associated with social media interactions, and investigating the users’ social media roles. His goal is to inform business in understanding and responding to social media activities.

Vishal has published in major information systems journals such as the Communications of the Association for Information Systems and Information & Management. He has served as a reviewer for journals such as the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research and conferences such as the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) and the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). He regularly publishes in proceedings and presents at academic conferences.

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