Simone Wai & Joe Burgum

Simone Wai

Simone Wai is a community builder at Folkways. Though she is a student of marketing and business, the theme of her career has been working with artists, makers, and creators of all kinds. In her work and life, Simone revels in creating moments of wonder for all those who participate in her events and projects. Her most notable being Alley Fair, the Red River Market, and a German style Christmas market.

Joe Burgum

Joe Burgum is an entrepreneur and community builder who is committed to making Fargo one of the greatest cities on earth. As the founder of Folkways, a community-building venture dedicated to nurturing the region's culture creators, he's created the Red River Market; successfully lobbied to bring the ride-sharing service Uber to North Dakota; and facilitates a nine-week course to help entrepreneurs launch local businesses.


Folkways is a community building venture who works with the artists, musicians, and small business owners of our community to create spaces for culture to flourish. We believe that a compelling culture instills a sense of belonging in a community.

With this mission, we’ve created a farmers’ market, a waffle shop, a sauna on wheels, a course for entrepreneurs, and much more. Through these urban, artistic, and communal experiments, we hope to make Fargo the best place on earth to live.