Cortnee Jensen

Mind Shift • Director of Community Relations & Development

Cortnee Jensen is the Director of Community Relations and Development for Mind Shift, an innovative social business focused on adding the unique and substantial talents of those on the autism spectrum to the job market.

Cortnee is also a founding member of Lift UpLift, the first global alliance of women-owned businesses dedicated to creating more opportunities for women worldwide. Additionally, she is working with other fantastic people on the creation of BOLD, an initiative to combine the experience and align the objectives of the non-profit and for profit sectors. Cortnee also serves on the Board of Directors for both the Red River Valley Autism Aspergers Network and Group Think.

Mostly importantly, Courtnee is shaping the thoughts, characteristics and knowledge of her three young children, the oldest of which has Asperger’s, a form of autism. She feels that it is her job, in all of her positions, to help people appreciate the unique talents and value of all people.