Sister Anastasia Reeves

Sister Anastasia's education includes a Bachelor of Engineering, a Masters of Arts in Teaching, and a nearly complete Bachelor of Arts in Theology. She worked as a trainee engineer for 5 years while completing her engineering degree and then began 10 years of professional practice all at a large mining and steel business in Australia (BHP Billiton then BlueScope Steel). Her roles included technical support for the steel-making department and a new technology in casting of very thin steel strip, as well as several years in corrosion research and long-term product performance. Reeves then spent three years in various youth ministry roles, a highlight being the World Youth Day visit of Pope Benedict to Sydney in 2008, before joining the Dominican Sisters in Nashville, TN. Having completed her teaching studies, she is ordinarily a high school math and religion teacher, except this semester as she awaits departure for a new mission in Melbourne, Australia in January 2018, where she will take up teaching once again.